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Thanks for the response. I live in Hawaii and unfortunately this state makes it impossible to get a title if I toss the assigned vin plate and title. The vin is completely visible and appears to be unaltered. I have someone looking into possible solutions for me down at the DMV now but I have very little hope. If all fails it's not then end of the world I'll just ride it like is and over time find another. They are not easy to come by out here.

Questions: (a) What state do you live in, and (b) is the engine serial number readable and unaltered?

The California title and California DMV-assigned VIN number should allow you to register it and get tags in your_state.

The DMV-assigned VIN number is not the most desirable situation. The DMV usually does this for "home-made motor vehicles". This also may have happened as an easy way to get a title for a title-less vehicle.

If the engine serial number is readable and unaltered, you _might_ be able to throw away the title and DMV-assigned VIN, and get a title using the original engine serial number.

It mostly depends on what state you live in. Some states make it very easy to do this, some states make it next to impossible

Worth looking into. Buying an engine with title, and then either rebuilding it or "merging" the two engines will be a fairly expensive proposition.

Hello everyone, new here and new to the whole lightweight world. I purchased a 1959 165 the other day for what I believe is a good deal, however the title is all screwed up, which is why it was a low price. The bike is titled as a 00 year and the VIN is a California vin that was riveted on the frame, not the vin on the engine. In the meantime I will just run around on the thing the way as it is but will eventually have to register it and get it legal, in order to do that I think the easiest way would be to buy a new titled motor. If anyone has a 1959 165cc motor and title for sale please keep me in mind. I'm excited to learn about these bikes. The bike will join my others, a 1947El and a 1958FL, along with some modern bikes.



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