From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: 1959 165CC Date:Fri Jun 30 02:22:18 2017
Response to:22088

Hawaii is a very difficult state to get any DMV information about - at least on the web. They seem to have different offices and different rules depending which city/county/island you live on, and it all seems to be somewhat of a secret.

There is always some way to get things done. May be cost-prohibitive, but it can be done.

You might want to read this article. Nothing pops out to me as an "Eureka", but perhaps it might give you some ideas to explore.

To be honest, if you can get a Hawaii title and tags with your current CA title, do so. Years down the road, when you sell it, it will probably be to someone in Hawaii. And they probably won't care too much about the VIN, as long as they can easily get HI title and tags for it.

Thanks for the response. I live in Hawaii and unfortunately this state makes it impossible to get a title if I toss the assigned vin plate and title. The vin is completely visible and appears to be unaltered. I have someone looking into possible solutions for me down at the DMV now but I have very little hope. If all fails it's not then end of the world I'll just ride it like is and over time find another. They are not easy to come by out here.

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