From:dave harris
Subject:Tillotson carb Date:Mon Jul 3 15:36:17 2017
62 Scatt restoration in process. I bypassed the magneto with a 6v battery replacing the ignition coil and got a good spark. Magneto work soon. Engine started probably 1st time in 25 plus years. Super rough and sounds starved for gas. Won't stay running. I had rebuilt the carb previously but at this point I would like to buy a new one.

The carb is a Tillotson MT 82A. Dennis Carpenter has a new MT carb for a Cushman that looks right. There was a post on this which I can't find again. Something about the main jet and the number of holes in it.
Any body know if this Dennis Carpenter MT carb will work on my Scatt?????
I will call them directly but would like to hear from experience as well.

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