From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: all this time I had no idea... Date:Tue Jul 4 11:28:22 2017
Response to:22100

Yes they are fun to ride. I ride my 55 Hummer around all the time - often about 10 miles to town and back. No way to carry anything, so I use the newspaper boy's sack that I used when I was a kid delivering papers.

Mine is very reliable, it always starts on the first or second kick, and runs like a clock (thanks Jim Garrett). It's so light and easy to park that I often take it rather than fooling around with the bigger ones.

There were some performance mods back in the day, but they involve porting the passages in the cylinders, and then you sacrifice reliability for performance.

Be happy with your 165cc. The 125cc Hummer is slower, especially if you don't weigh 98 lbs like you did when you were a teenager! Maybe going on a diet is the ultimate performance mod?


what I've been missing and how fun these things are.

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