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You just had to go and say that. Mutt's been a close held
secret for those of us in the know. Now he's going to get
all pumped up and take rebuilds by 'appointment only'.
That's going to lead to his own reality show and then
nobody's going to be able to afford him! You should have
just kept your mouth shut.

Yep. I always have someone come up and say " that's
not a real Harley" I once told a so called Harley know
it all that I was riding and racing a 59 Harley ST
165 when the best part of him was running down his
daddy's leg! Ooooops, I don" think I was suppose to
say that.
If you don't think these little single cylinder 2
stroke bikes won't run, just take a ride on my 61 flat
tracker. Mutt built the engine, and I made some mods
like Ceriani front forks, Dunlop tires, and large rear
sprocket. the thing runs like a scalded dog. I can
pull a wheelie at about ten MPH. That turns some
heads. If you want a real screamer, talk to Mutt, he's
toe "go to guy" for Hummer performance.

what I've been missing and how fun these things are.
Took my first ride today on the 59 I bought last week.
Finally had time to go pick it up. I think I'm going
to buy a couple of these things just to putt around
on, maybe my kids can even ride them when they get old
enough. LOL, no one believes me that it's actually a

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