From:Noah Alexander
Subject:RE: Help me ID this harley? Date:Wed Jul 19 12:30:37 2017
Response to:22158

This came up for sale in my market and I am very
interested in it. He ias asking 1500 for it which seems
steep. Says the engine turns but does not fire. He has it
listed as a 1955 Harley Hummer but I do not believe that to
be accurate. He sent me a picture of the serial number
which is:

64 BTH 4016 which using the information this page would
make it at 1964 scat? It looks like it might have been
modded out, no tailight, headlight, looks pretty stripped..
I thought 55 hummers came without those things which makes
me a bit confused on it.

Any thoughts or input? Thank you so much!!

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