From:dave harris
Subject:RE: Help me ID this harley? Date:Thu Jul 20 20:08:22 2017
Response to:22158
You have a mix of parts. The hummer went to swing arm rear suspension in 63 so the frame is 62 or earlier. The engine serial number clearly is a 1964 Scatt (BTH) but that only identifies the engine. There is no frame serial number so Harley just used the engine number for ID.
Doubtfull on the price as it will not be an original anything.
I bought a fairly complete 62 Scatt this year for $2,000. Needed extensive restoration. Looks like it was stored outside for 25 or 30 years. Not sure I got my moneys worth but it has been great fun restoring. Most parts still out there.
I applied for a title in my state of Minnesota and it was approved. Some states will require a bond and issue a temporary title for 1 year. If an owner comes up with the original title your bond covers it. Around $250. You need a bill of sale listing the seller and sales price. Check your state DMV for their regulations.
Good luck.

This came up for sale in my market and I am very interested in it. He ias asking 1500 for it which seems steep. Says the engine turns but does not fire. He has it listed as a 1955 Harley Hummer but I do not believe that to be accurate. He sent me a picture of the serial number which is:

64 BTH 4016 which using the information this page would make it at 1964 scat? It looks like it might have been modded out, no tailight, headlight, looks pretty stripped.. I thought 55 hummers came without those things which makes me a bit confused on it.

Any thoughts or input? Thank you so much!!

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