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Subject:RE: '58 Hummer Barn Find Date:Mon Jul 31 18:00:35 2017
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I bought a 62 Scatt in North Dakota with a bill of sale and successfully processed the title in Minnesota. Every state may be different but most require a bill of sale stating how much was paid, serial numbers, etc. Your sale should just state that it comes with a bill of sale only. It is up to the buyer to determine the requirements for their state. Sometimes the state requires a small bond and temp title for 1 year. The title becomes permanent in 1 year if there is no challenge. There is a market for that bike and / or parts. Not big but something. I don't think you got all the info from DMV. Try a web search. In any case it is not your problem if you provide a bill of sale which contains the price sold and the circumstances. It is more than likely that your buyer will be out of state anyway.
Good luck.
Hi, I have a 1958 Hummer in a shed at my house, the frame and all the parts are separate (a basket case?). An old man in Santa Barbara gave it to my brother over 20 years ago then my brother gave it to me. It has the original license plate but unfortunately I have no papers, but I would like to sell it. Can I even do that without the title? I spoke with the DMV and they told me I'd have to get the title from the guy, but he was in his 80's 20 plus years ago, he'd be over 100 now, if I could even locate him.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. (Please email me at

Kat Miller
Scottsdale Az

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