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Try that.
Not sure why the pic is upside down ???

This was my fathers bike. Last time it ran was 40 years ago, I was
12 and took it out for a short run. The clutch went out, and we never had
the time to rebuild. It's been sitting since then in a garage in North Dakota. I
just picked it up last week and am working on it with my kids. I want to do a
full mechanical rebuild, but not change the aesthetics of the bike. I'm
looking for any help in parts searching, and identification. I know the bike
was red at one time because I can see it under the aqua color. I'm sure my
dad was not the first owner, but don't have proof. I have, near as I can tell
everything for the bike except the air cleaner. I've already purchased a few
things from, and have started stripping the bike to clean
and service. It's not my first rodeo with restoration, but thought I would put it
out here because it is my first vintage Harley. Any dialogue would be
appreciated. I'll keep posting progress pics to document. I'm sure I'll have
a ton of questions. Thanks, and hope to hear from you.

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