Subject:Ignition Date:Sat Aug 12 19:18:42 2017
Ok, I'm here.
I've got power, but no spark. I'm ready to just buy all new parts, but I thought one of you would be able to ask me to help me walk through this simple electrical system. I probably need a new plug,coil and points, but can find no wire diagram to see if it even hooked correctly. I've got the horn to beep, and the headlight has power, but the bulbs burned, the taillight works, but I'm not getting a spark, and this is where I fall short. Not the best with electrical systems. I feel like this should be a no brained, but without a schematic, or the understanding of the magneto and regulator, I'm thinking I should reach out for help. Let me know what you think.
And seriously, Thanks.

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