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Subject:RE: RE: Ignition Date:Mon Aug 14 17:47:18 2017
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Just been all around the block on that issue. First of
all you need the CD on parts and service manuals from It is cheap and I couldn't do anything
without it. Tons of parts are readily available for all
models but you need the part numbers.
I replaced the plug, plug wire, spark coil, condenser and
points. Still not getting a decent spark. Runs but not
right. Yes the mag rotor may need to be re-magnetized.
After a big search I finally sent it to Stan Waite who is
a contributor here. He has done the job, said yes it
needed it and it is in the mail. I am holding off on the
final element, the ignition coil at $80 until I test the
new rotor. Will post the results.
One other thing I found is that older light aircraft used
a similar magneto which is 4 pole N,S,N,S. If you find an
aviation service in your area that works on them they can
do the job.
I have had a lot of help from this site on my 62 Scatt
and like to return the favor.
Good luck.

You might want to check here for wiring diagrams -

Also, seem to remember reading that the magneto systems
may need to be re-magnetized and think that Mutt has the
knowledge and equipment to do the job. Finally, might be
worth your time to make sure that the point contacts are
clean... a little glaze might stop the whole show. Some
fine emery paper would help with that.

Ok, I'm here.
I've got power, but no spark. I'm ready to just buy all
new parts, but I thought one of you would be able to ask
me to help me walk through this simple electrical system.
I probably need a new plug,coil and points, but can find
no wire diagram to see if it even hooked correctly. I've
got the horn to beep, and the headlight has power, but
the bulbs burned, the taillight works, but I'm not
getting a spark, and this is where I fall short. Not the
best with electrical systems. I feel like this should be
a no brained, but without a schematic, or the
understanding of the magneto and regulator, I'm thinking
I should reach out for help. Let me know what you think.
And seriously, Thanks.

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