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I would really question ANY recommendation of running air cooled 2-strokes at 100 to 1 ratio. The 100 to 1 ratio came about in the marine industry to appease the Feds (EPA)when they realized outboards put oil into the water thru the exhaust. Remember, an outboard engine is water cooled, not air cooled, big difference.
If you want to run synthetic, fine, but I would stay kind of close to 2 cups oil to a gallon.
Yea, maybe they SAY they will stand behind their recommendation, but have a problem, "try to collect!"
I'd like to see you get that in writing from Amsoil.
For several years I have used Amsoil SABER professional 2-
stroke oil at 100-1 with 89 or 92 octane non ethel gas with
the red sta-bil fuel stablelizer.

I have had no problems at all in my 55st,my topper or harley
golf cart. I use the same mix in all my small engines,weed
eater,chainsaw, exc.

I also use the outboard saber oil in my 80's outboard motor
at 100-1

I e-mailed amsoil to ask about using at 100-1 in the old
motorcycles and the replied that it would be fine and they
would stand behind it.

If anyone else wants to email amsoil with the same ? now,I
would like hear what they are told.

I have used SAE 30 weight oil in my Hummers since I was 14
years old. Lately I have been told that it is a good idea to
switch to synthetic.
Anybody got an opinion?
What brand & grade?
What ratio 50:1 ?
What octane gas ?
I've been using Aviation gas for the past 10 years, but
recently, when I went to my local airport, I was told I had
to have proof of registration for an air boat or some other
off road vehicle, NO not a motorcycle. Wawa stations sell
non O'Bamaa fuel but the life expectancy is not good. The
Aviation fuel will last for 2 year.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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