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O.K. I give. Can I send Mutt the carb to be fixed? I don't think I need a complete engine overhaul but am willing to ship the whole thing to someone who can make it right. Maybe cost prohibitive but I would like to get it done. This project has a lot of history for me. The start of a great 50 + years of biking and a lot of great memories.
Thanks so much for the help.

Yep, very similar

Hey Mutt, doesn't this sound like the carb problem you
fixed on my Scat motor?

62 Scatt resurrected from 30 + years rusting outside
somewhere. I went to school for aircraft mechanics and am
handy with engines. Actually have some experience with
this model which I owned when I was 14. It was new then.
Do the math.
I am about 75% done and working on getting the engine to
run consistently. Looking thru the exhaust port the
cylinder walls and piston head looked very clean and I
get good compression. I have replaced all the mag and
spark components and had the mag rotor re-magnetized by
Stan Waite. It came back from Stan super strong so I know
that is not the issue. I did not replace the ignition
coil as the spark is now good. Carefully cleaned and
rebuilt the carb and triple checked adjustment
recommendations. Just took it apart again and all looks
good. Replaced the oil seal behind the mag.
The problem:
The bike will bump start with effort. Will run at high
speed with the choke off and 1/2 choke to run at just
above a proper idle. No amount of carb adjustment will
improve this condition. All the gears run out and
everything else is good but the erratic engine speed. Not
road worthy.
I really don't know where to go from here.


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