From:Steve Carr
Subject:RE: almost on the road again Date:Mon Sep 18 18:53:40 2017
Response to:22285
Missouri goes easy on you. Just register
the bike with a historic plate, a one-time
cost. No inspections, and you just have to
watch your annual mileage.

I had no idea how over my head the engine
rebuild was until I sent it to Mutt.
Dozens of piks from him showing a project
that only Mutt could do. Required a
complete rebuild and saving another
american classic. Am looking forward to
dropping this engine into my 62 Scatt and
getting a few miles in before the
minnesota winter. Thanks to Mutt!!

My question. In general how do the states
look at street legal requirements for
classic motorcycles? I would have all the
requirements of 1962 but would not have
current equipment requirements. Any

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