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Subject:RE: RE: RE: almost on the road again Date:Tue Sep 19 05:37:25 2017
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Minnesota is a great state to live in!

First, they make it easy when you do not have a title.

Second, you can register it as a "classic" for a small one-time fee. Tag never expires. The restrictions - you can NOT use it for general daily transportation (like going to work), and you must have another vehicle with regular registration.

Also, if you can find a 1962 MN motorcycle license plate, you can wear that instead of the "classic" plate.

MN DPS changed their website around recently, but here's the law:

Third, it seems that MN has no vehicle safety inspection program except for commercial trucks and buses. (Or maybe they do, but I can't find it). Even if they do, most states waive any inspection requirement for "classic" tags.

I'm moving to Minnesota...


My question. In general how do the states
look at street legal requirements for
classic motorcycles? I would have all the
requirements of 1962 but would not have
current equipment requirements. Any

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