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Subject:RE: RE: Engine sprocket Date:Wed Oct 4 22:24:05 2017
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Get yourself a plumbers torch or one of those propane
torches (blue bottle) with a flame nozzle. Hook up your
cheap gear puller like you have it and put as much
tension on it as you can. Spray a little bit of PB
Blaster (or equivalent) where the sprocket and shaft
meets. Run the torch around and around the gear but avoid
the shaft area. The PB Blaster will begin to smoke. Not
too close and not too far away either. Don't worry about
the shaft seal behind the gear as you're going to be
replacing that anyway. In a few minutes the gear will
'pop' away from the shaft and you'll say "Heck, that was

Engine sprocket seems general. Here are some pics of
I'm referring to.

Hi All

I'm trying to pull the engine sprocket from my 63 Scat
it seems to not want to budge. Does it pull straight off
like the clutch hub? I've bent two inexpensive pullers
already. The more robust ones wont fit under the
I do see on the shaft that its keyed. Do I need to drive
that out first? Thanks in advance for your help.


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