Subject:RE: Bearing Question Date:Sun Oct 29 20:25:40 2017
Response to:22341
You have the seal in backwards. The 9012 bearing should only
be sealed on one side.It's actually a bad idea anyway,
because the seal will end up running dry. The bearings should
be a light press fit. Never heard of an oversize bearing, but
that would be nice if they did.

I'm reassembling the cases for my 63 Scat. The oil seal
that goes into the bearing retainer looks very different than
the original. Pics posted of front n back of that bearing. I
tried to match the orientation with that of the original.
Also, The magneto shaft bearing (part 9012) is sealed on both
sides. Is this correct? It also fit pretty loose in that
case. Wondering if I need an oversized bearing.

As always, thanks for your help.

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