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I hear your frustration. I got a personalized plate for
my pickup and was stopped because it wasn't in the
system. I had all my paperwork from the transaction and
those from turning in my old plates. The officer looked
them over, looked at my two FOP cards and said he'd
inform Trenton, NJ as to their mistake. In today's age of
people taking a knee I'd say ride it and face the judge
to explain the vagrancies of the new system. I'll pay the
fine and court costs for you. Yep, I said it here so it's
official. If you've ever had the opportunity to read
Dave's book 'I Refuse to grow Old' you'll find he's
challenged the courts and won also. Best of Luck.

1962 Scatt total restore. Many years outside stored and a
total rust bucket. Full teardown, sandblast, etc, etc.
Mutt restored engine. Awesome! Every thing works except
the state of Minnesota. I wanted to put a few miles on it
before winter. A couple of months ago Minnesota
implemented a new software program for the DMV. I have a
clear Minnesota title but the new program does not
recognize it and will not issue me a tag or offer any
solutions. Really frustrating. I guess the official
break-in will be spring. Maybe by then they will have
figured it out. Unfortunately this is also a problem for
any other than a normal transaction including handi-cap
and collector plates. Thought of just driving it without
the plates and fighting the ticket in court.

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