From:Rodney Powell
Subject:RE: RE: magneto Date:Fri Nov 3 17:14:10 2017
Response to:22170
I am having a horrible time with Standard Magneto in IL.
I understand the guy there does not do this for his
business, but he has had it more than a month. I tried
e-mail to reach you but apparently that is not a method
of choice. The situation takes a good deal of
explanation. 402-269-8483 please call me.

Hi I moved to Fla. I Still Recharge Hummer Mag Rotors $50
ea. rotor That Includes Return Shipping In The Lower 48
States Stan Waite 2409 Tamarind Dr. Edgewater, Fla. 32141
Ph# 440 865 8962

62 Scatt getting closer but still a few issues.

Magneto does not appear to have sufficient magnetic force
to create the required 6 volts. Checked the ignition coil
and it passed but it could still be bad. Bike runs with a
volt battery bypassing the magneto entirely.
Not having any luck so far finding a place to re-energize
the magnet but I know it is done. After that if there is
still an issue it could only be the ignition coil. I
already replaced the spark coil, plug, plug wire and
Any ideas where to send the magneto for testing and
I live in Minnesota but don't mind shipping it somewhere.

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