From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Need 2 18 Date:Wed Nov 8 23:16:01 2017
Response to:22354

I think Jim Godwin just scored a load of the LANGE repro tires. These are excellent quality. I have them on my 1955 Hummer, and have been riding on them since 2004. Last year I managed to find a pair of 3.25 x 19 (maybe the only ones left in existence), so I scarfed them up for my 1954 KH (the Hummer's big brother).

Give J&M Collectibles a call (see under Parts). Ask for Jim or Mary - but you're more likely to get Mary - even at age 80-something, Jim is always running around.

Oh yeah, tell him/her I sent you - they'll gladly charge you double!


Assume 3:50 - 18 is correct for 1959 ST. Please advise price and delivery.

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