From:Steve Dotson
Subject:ISO 65 Pacer accessories/parts Date:Sat Nov 25 21:09:11 2017
Just got this 65 Pacer sweetheart and looking to add a few things to it. The seller indicated he had found a link to an accessories page that showed the saddlebags but I am not internet savvy enough to find it, Can someone post or send me a link please or anyone have a nice original available? Reproduced? I know I want to add a crash bar and an oil can and bracket, maybe a mud flap. Don't know if a rear rack will work with the bags or if I will like it if it does but wouldn't mind having one put back if they were available. Maybe a tool box if those were available. I am also in search of front brake parts. I haven't torn it down but suspect the front brake has no internals or at the very least a broken cam. I would like to find an entire setup so I can have it ready to plug and play when I do tear it down.

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