From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:And grease fittings too... Date:Sat Dec 2 01:18:59 2017
Response to:22397
If you need grease fittings to put in your newly tapped 5/16-32 holes - Colony Products sells 'em. Photo below of what they sell.

Colony sells the flat-top Alemite fittings - and a grease gun adapter - for pre-38 bikes.

Harley had some old-style tapered-shaped grease fittings too - I've seen 'em on K-models and Sportsters from the 1950's - like in the brake operating arms. They're more oval-shaped than the pinched-shape of the modern ones. I'm not sure if there's a Hummer-series application or not. I had to buy some rusty old parts just to get the grease fittings out of them for my 1954 KH.

Hope this helps.

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