From:Duane Taylor
Subject:RE: And grease fittings too... Date:Sun Dec 3 20:00:47 2017
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I did a thousand of these grease fittings about .
10 years ago and keep them on the shelf. The originals did not have a center ball valve so they were made to use with or without the ball. No balls on your grease fittings? "What was Harley thinking ???


If you need grease fittings to put in your newly tapped 5/16-32 holes - Colony Products sells 'em. Photo below of what they sell.

Colony sells the flat-top Alemite fittings - and a grease gun adapter - for pre-38 bikes.

Harley had some old-style tapered-shaped grease fittings too - I've seen 'em on K-models and Sportsters from the 1950's - like in the brake operating arms. They're more oval-shaped than the pinched-shape of the modern ones. I'm not sure if there's a Hummer-series application or not. I had to buy some rusty old parts just to get the grease fittings out of them for my 1954 KH.

Hope this helps.

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