Subject:RE: RE: Piston help Date:Wed Dec 6 08:17:06 2017
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If you have a .030 piston and your bore is 2.414" that
means you have .009" clearance. Just .001" more clearance
and you will be able to install a .040" over size piston
!!!!! If the bore is that worn, you could take out that one
more thou and install new .040" piston, but I'd be willing
to bet that it needs to be bored to .050" over.

Beware: If your Scat has the correct 175cc cylinder,
chances are very slim that you will be able to find a new
piston for it. You can get a new .040 or .050 over piston
for a 165 motor, but you will need to trim 1/16" off the
bottom of the skirt of the new piston, or the piston will
hit the flywheels the first time ya turn the motor over.
Email me if you can't find a new 175 piston and well see
what options ya have



Hi All
The cylinder on my '63 Scat is measuring 2.414in. The
piston that was with the motor is a +30. Upon inspection,
the cylinder has defined cross hatchings and is worn around
the ports only. There is no scoring up and down the
cylinder or on the piston(has some wear on the skirt but
much). I'd like to get a new piston kit and am wondering
I needed the next size over (+40).

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