From:James Moore
Subject:Selling all my bikes Date:Tue Dec 12 05:38:02 2017
I have decided to sell what I have, to let some younger people enjoy. Price is $30,000 and is not negotiable unless you wish to pay more. 47 Famous James, 48 Harley 125S(with a 51 engine),48 Simplex Servi-cycle,53 Triumph Terrier(all of these have been restored) 68 BSA Starfire B25--Original with 10,000 miles. 2007 Honda Nighthawk 250 and 2009 Honda Rebel 250. That Harley has a 51 engine--it is NOT an extra engine. Wish I could talk to you on the phone, but my hearing won't allow that. If you want to talk to my wife--870-247-1214, or you can reach me at Almost 80, and the bikes are just gathering dust in the shop.

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