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Subject:RE: RE: mecum auction Date:Fri Feb 2 21:52:23 2018
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and now all the prices on ebay will fluctuate upward.
Right now it's impossible to restore a bike at the
current parts prices. Everyone thinks they're sitting on
gold. I'm sorry but this is bulls--t. It used to be we
were all looking to get our parts and help others. Now
it's become top dollar for everything. That's why I quit
my AMCA membership. It became a business of restoring
motorcycles for profit. I was doing it for fun and the
people I met were doing it for fun. I want to get back to
that. I've never cared about the money and have given
parts away to make my friends happy.... to complete a
restoration. F**K the Vegas auctions. Dave never meant
this to be a site for profit...he meant this to be a
place for everyone to find parts.


this 1956 st165 sold at the mecum las vegas auction for
$17,600. this has to be a
world record price.

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