From:Mark Ferra
Subject:RE: 1962 scatt tank paint scheme Date:Wed Feb 7 15:21:37 2018
Response to:22491
Everyone I've asked has said that Steve Sellers is the go-
to guy for perfect paint. Price quoted for my '62 scat was
$700 for both fenders and the tank with decals.

Looking forward to spring in Minnesota and the finish of my
62 Scatt restoration.
I want to paint the tank correctly for the model and year.
I find tons of piks for the side pattern and the decal but
non I can count on for the top of the tank. I could guess
but would like to get it right. Anybody have a pik to
Also wanted to mention the huge amount of help and
restoration services I have received from Charles Hallam.
He is the go to guy. From a complete engine rebuild to
miscellaneous parts hard to find. I just sent in my brake
shoes to be re-lined. Always a reasonable price and great
Thanks for the help. It's -10 this morning but Spring is on
the way and it is awesome in Minnesota.

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