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Subject:RE: Does the site even have a pulse? Date:Wed Mar 7 20:24:40 2018
Response to:22530
yea, I can see it now. Video's of Hummers doing rear
wheel stands down the center lines of stopped traffic.
Hummer Club gangs cell phone videos intimidating other
Harley riders. Burn out videos featuring street
racing..... someone stretched out on a 125 going for a
land speed record. Yea right? Grainy pictures? Submitted
by members who cared enough to share. Dull stories? I
found none of them dull and fully appreciated them taking
the time to share. No video's? Well, were any submitted?
I'm sorry Fears but the website is dedicated to the
preservation and restoration of the series. If you, and
your partner, want to dedicate a new site to
modified/highly modified versions of a motorcycle
produced by the Harley-Davidson Company that focuses on
the Lightweights produced from 1948 to 1965-66 please
feel free.
Imagine how many hours from the Commodore days it took to
move this site from dues paying to free. Imagine the cost
to host it and WRITE THE CODE to make it happen before
code writer apps became available. Imagine you've never
had to see an 'ad' tellng you to purchase something.
Imagine that the dues never covered the cost. And you sit
here in judgement of the site. Yes, feel free to start
your own. I would love to tell you to go F**K yourself
but I'm a gentleman... So, I'll reiterate... feel free to
start your own website. Please quit being a troll to this
one. No, I'm not Dave.

I've been a member of this
site for years now and I've never seen it so neglected.
Are the guys running it too old to understand new
technology, revamping the site, actually updating it a
few times a month?!

It's crazy, there is so much media hype going on right
now over this little bike posted here and the one place
people are going to find out more about these things just
totally sh*** the bed.


Pretty easy if you ask me. Perhaps we could even update
the photo package so its not so 1984 grainy and heaven
forbid, actually update the graphics and add video. I'm
sure this was all very good when you made the site on
your Commodore 64 but it's now 2018.

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