Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Does the site even have a pulse? Date:Fri Mar 9 12:53:53 2018
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this bulletin board type message page is so out of date.
there are so many better formats that work so much
better, llok at cai mag or amca's forums. that is how a
forum should look & operate. this one is pathetic.

It's like most of you don't get it. When something like
the Harley
Hummer gets some media hype it's good for the whole
community IF
they take advantage of it. I can't tell you how much
interest there is out
there if only those people were able to find out more out
about these

Then if they even find this site it looks like something
off of an atari from
the 80's. No one posts updates or takes advantage of
things going on
right now. I don't need anyone telling me how great I am,
and I dig a lot
of old guys, what I am saying is if you are going to run
a site for a
community then run it. That means regular updates, giving
the site a
face lift from time to time and taking advantage of the
technology out
there ie. you know we can get high res pics up on here as
well as video,

And as to my slander someone brought up, Stan Wait did a
brutal job
rebuilding my engine, wouldn't confirm he used the parts
I sent and
wouldn't contact me after his first initial email. Any
one else I've cut a
slice off up can deal with me one on one.

My bike is going to the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in May
and then
Mooneyes Japan, It's going to be in 3 national magazines,
in a book and
on 2 masive motorcycle sites, to the idiots thinking I'm
boasting, you are
idiots. To everyone else I would say, get some traction
off one of these
little bikes being highlighted and more interest in them
and start using it
to your advantage.

Or don''t do anything and YES i will start my old site,
the thing is, why?
everything you need is right here if someone would wake
up and realize
its 2018.

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