From:Mark York
Subject:RE: RE: Rusted Out Hummer Tanks? - WTB Date:Thu Mar 22 11:29:43 2018
Response to:22566
Was able to get one rusted out tank from a member on the message board. Thanks Ed!

Still need one. Would prefer one for a generator bike, but it really doesn't matter. A rotted out, dented or ugly tank would be fine. Will be placing in bonfire to match heat generated patina on yard art piece.


I have a very nice tank for a magneto bike that is rust free. If you are looking for a really clean tank, we may be able to work out on a trade for your rusted out tanks and some cash from you. Let me know what you have.-----


Anyone have a couple of rusted out Hummer tanks they would be willing to turn loose of? I have two bikes that were totally burned up in the Napa fire and are becoming yard art. Tanks exploded, so just looking for the right shape. Rusted out tanks would be fine.

I can pay cash, or may have other Hummer parts to trade.



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