From:Mark Ferra
Subject:RE: 1962 Scat Muffler Date:Thu Mar 22 18:11:49 2018
Response to:22574
Unfortunately, there are none to be had. A lot of the
'finished' projects I've seen use a '63 muffler, flipped
upside down, with the smaller mount bracket ground off. Seat
tab mounting bracket fabricated, and welded on. Unless we get
exceptionally lucky, and Duane figures out the entire
reproduction process, that's likely the route you will have to
go. I'm still working on 2 myself. Unfortunate that we picked
the model with several one year only parts. Been hunting for a
second one for almost 6 years now.

I'm still in need of a muffler for a 62 Scat. I see
several other people who have these and are finishing up their
projects. So anyone can help on locating one I would
appreciate. Thanks to all.

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