From:Barry Smith
Subject:Selling super original 65 Pacer Date:Sun Apr 8 14:02:31 2018
I'm getting too old for a museum so I think it's time to let someone else enjoy this one. I think $4600 is a very fair price in such original condition. Don't have a title since owner had passed away and I didn't tag it. Original paint, seat, rims/wheels, even tires and they are in excellent condition also. Bike has some patina that doesn't show in pictures but it's nice and runs very well. I have a short video I just shot this "Spring" of first start up in a few years. Story was the bike was taken apart in 1968 and stored in a dry basement. I got it from the guy who got it from the original owner 4-5 years ago. I'm in Central Ohio and can be reached at email or 614-440-7263, phone or text. I can send many more pix and a video.

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