Subject:RE: 125 cylinder Date:Sun Apr 8 14:42:44 2018
Response to:22606
All model cylinders will crack in the same place. usually
the right rear corner of the transfer cut out of the
cylinder skirt. This generally comes from when a piston is
stuck and someone trys force the jug off the piston without
watching what they are doing .

WARNING: If anyone ever needs to save a cylinder that isn't
yet cracked, but the piston is stuck and the bore is still
low, CUT the rod in half with a sawzall. There are WAY more
rebuildable rods out there, than there are usable

NEVER EVER push the stuck piston from the top, out the
bottom. 99.9% of the time, you WILL crack the cylinder
skirt. ALWAYS press the piston from the bottom, out the

If your bore is still low, and the skirt is still intact,
just cracked, it can be V'd & silver soldered, then bored
The cylinder can be bored and sleeved


did the early 125 cylinder all crack on the bottom of the
sleeve ? I have three that are all cracked, is there a fix
or are they junk ?

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