Subject:RE: Rear wheel axle nut tightening Date:Sun Apr 15 14:02:14 2018
Response to:22623
Some late models had a shim between the right side bearing
race and the brake backing plate. Some models had one, other
models had 2. The shim is the same as the washer that is used
on ALL bikes, for the clutch lever bushing on the lever perch
#6543 Pull your rear brake plate,Add 2 to your
axle,reinstall brake plate and wheel & you'll be set.

After installing the chain, completing the chain adjustment,
and maintaining the proper wheel alignment, the rear wheel
turns easily after tightening the axle nuts a couple
revolutions beyond finger tightening. If I tighten a bit
more, the wheel begins binding. Any advice on how tight the
rear axle nuts should be would be appreciated.

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