From:Morris Bolgiano
Subject:RE: To purchase Hummer Date:Sun Apr 15 20:21:50 2018
Response to:22614
1952 s125 Harley Hummer for sale.

One owner - restored in 2002. Texas title and license.
Original speedometer restored.
Original color Tropical Green. Repainted lacquer finish by
professional motorcycle paint shop 2002. Motor rebuilt by
Charles "Mutt" Hallam. Bike not ridden since restoration.
Nothing missing Longhorn handlebars re chromed. NOS
muffler and exhaust pipe. New wiring harness. Located in
Waxahachie, Texas. Picture of bike also in members pages 1952 Morris Bolgiano
#117. $6000.00
Contact phone # 214.450.8441.

I would like to buy hummer 1950 to 1960, any condition

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