From:Harry McGill
Subject:RE: RE: Harley Vintage Literature Date:Tue Apr 24 15:49:39 2018
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Good work Dave, maybe our local Harley Dealers are not that friendly. Will hit them with your results and see if they can improve.

Thanks, Harry

Whoops. The third book I checked on is still available also, but the price has gone up (imagine that).

99414-93 - 1950-1957 Operations / Maintenance / Parts Listing / Specifications - $65

This book has goodies for owners of Lightweights, K-models and Sportsters, Big Twins, 45s and Servi-cars.

It's got a 1952 Model 125 Rider's Handbook, and a 1957 Hummer/165/125 Parts Catalog.

It's got Rider's Handbooks for 1952 K-model, 1954 KH, and 1957 Sportster. There's a 1957 Sportster Parts Catalog.

It's got Rider's Handbooks for the 45/Servi-Cars and the 61/74 Big Twins, and a 1957 Parts Catalog covering all of the above.

If you own a 1950's Harley, you need one of these!

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