From:Brent Dugan
Subject:RE: RE: Piston ring bevels - up or down? Date:Sat Apr 28 20:45:53 2018
Response to:22655
Pepper... I really identified with your response! Been
there, done that myself and avoided MOST of the things
thrown at me when she got home. No photo's then. Rob, I
pity you but don't know how much I should as I don't know
your wife. Certain things wives tolerate, but don't mess
with their kitchen or food serving area. If someone is
willing to serve my poor sorry motorcyclist a$$ a
wonderful home cooked meal I watch what I mess with. The
rest is negotiable.

LOL !, I know what you mean Rob,

Hi esteemed Harley Hummer gurus. Rookie
question here. I am very close to completing assembly of
my 1955 ST165 engine. You see in the photo that the
replacement rings have a been on one inside corner. Does
that bevel go towards the top of the piston (as currently
shown in the photo), or towards the bottom of the piston?

Hope for a quick answer so I cam complete the assembly
and get the engine off of the dining room table before my
wife gets home...

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