From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Petcock Valve - EXERCISE YOUR RESERVE VALVE Date:Sun May 6 10:23:53 2018
Response to:22670

Sorry, don't know of any suppliers. Please tell us who you bought yours from - so we don't make the same mistake!

Recently, my Hummer ran out of gas. I looked in the tank, and there was still gas in it. So I turned on the reserve flipper, and still no gas.

Most of us never use the reserve. So the rust and crud in the bottom of the tank settle in the reserve port - year after year. Eventually we need to use reserve, and guess what - it's clogged.

I've tried to clean this one (and others) by soaking with all kinds of chemicals, using little pieces of wire, air pressure - with no success. Seems once clogged, always clogged.

So my advice is: (a) test your reserve before the day comes when you really, really need it;

b) use the reserve every time you ride the bike. Make some kind of habit - maybe start the bike and drive it to the end of your neighborhood on reserve, then turn it off and turn on the regular flipper.

(c) The original petcocks had a filter screen attached to the top of the petcock. Most got damaged and got removed along the way. Inexpensive ($4) replacements (plastic with brass screen) are readily available.

Need a petcock valve for my 1956 165ST. Purchased new one from a motorcycle parts store and it leaked when valve turned on. Previous posts about this part about 2 years old, so wondering if any one now has a quality petcock valve available.

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