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Congrats Dan and Sheila.

And lets not forget our good friend Fears Botazofa. A young
man that has a suprising amount of talent, who's Harley Super
10 took not only took BEST TOP MODIFIED CUSTOM BIKE at the
entire show, but also Arlen Ness hand picked his Super 10 for
THE TOP INDUSTRY CHOICE award. Way to go Fears !!!!! Here'a
a pic of his Awards. Congraduations to all.


CONGRATULATIONS need to be given to Dan Derby and his wife
Sheila Hummer Derby for taking 1st and second place in the
American class at the 2018 Quail Motorcycle gathering.
Dan's a very talented restorer and has completely restored
both bikes ( Sheilas 58 Hummer and Dan's 54 ST165 )
One of the sites that has pics and standings is Bike urios.
Great to see our lil guy's so well represented.

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