Subject:RE: Land speed record Date:Fri May 11 13:15:42 2018
Response to:22687
I believe that this has been said before, but the way the Internet works is, if you have a better idea, you need to go and create a better site. If folks like what you have done, they will come there. If they don't, they won't. Simple

This kind of comment does not promote the common good or the hobby.

Given the tenor of your comment, I would like to say good bye and good luck in your future pursuits. Please post the URL of your site when you have it established. I am sure that everyone would like to see what you come up with.

Oh yeah, Iíll bet none of you are talking about the young guy who just set a new land speed record on a harley hummer. I mean how would any of you know? Itís not like anyone keeps the site up to date. Again, Iíve always got a middle finger up in the air so you all have a place to sit.

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