From:Jay Dempsey
Subject:RE: Question on switch location for 1963 Pacer Date:Fri May 11 22:31:13 2018
Response to:22598
I have a 63 scat, the switch is located on the left side
on the upper triple tree. There is two threaded holes
between the left fork and the head tube of the frame. My
switch has long been in pieces but that is where it was
when I got the bike in the early 70s

I recently purchased a 1963 Harley Pacer and have started
the task of identifying the missing parts. I am using an
original 1963 Harley Parts catalog listing the Scat-
Pacer-Super 10-Model 165 and Hummer.
For the most part I have been able to sort out the proper
parts required along with their correct part numbers and
their location. However, I am left scratching my head as
to the location of the headlight switch as I have yet to
find a picture showing it.
Any help is appreciated.

Don G.

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