Subject:RE: difficulty shifting at hi revs Date:Fri May 11 22:59:02 2018
Response to:22693
It can be a mix of things. A loose ratchet T is the first
thing to check, but ya gotta split the cases. The Davidsons
really screwed up in 1955. They were trying to save a
couple of pennies and they removed the extra set of splines
from the main and counter shafts, and therefore no hollow
gears. You hardly ever see a 54 or earlier transmission
jump out of gear or fail to shift into a gear

65 Pacer
Last year was my first (modest) go at flat track.
Completely stock motor, no racing modifications.
I've always had a little difficulty shifting from 1st to
2nd at hi revs, but as a leisure ride it never really was a
factor. However, on the track it becomes more of an issue,
where the shifter won't engage 2nd gear. Sometimes i get
lucky and it engages, but more often than not i seem to get
stuck between neutral and 2nd. Once i back off the throttle
and shift back to 1st then 2nd it will engage but by then
i've lost all momentum.

Is there any advice on what would cause this?
thanks in advance,

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