Subject:63 scat alive again in Largo Florida Date:Sat May 12 22:00:48 2018
Older picture from 1985. This bike is from Ansonia CT, purchased in Lithfield and was originally used to haul wood from the forest. My cousin bought it in the late 60s drove it for a year or so and then parked it in my back yard. I considered it mine from that point on, I was 7 years old. After enduring every winter outside, it was disassembeled and loaded in my mothers car trunk and transported to Florida in 1985. We stopped by my uncles house as we're leaving town. He had a box of parts and the owners manual, my aunt opened one draw in the file cabinet and gave me the title. Good old uncle Charly, hangs on to everything. Spark plug, coil, points, wires away I go for about 5 years I had it on the road off and on. It's been in storage from 1995 until a few months back, now it's sporting new spokes and tires. My biggest regret is not properly storing the gas tank, it's a rusty mess inside. I'm using a chinese peanut tank. I'll only ride at night for now, that tank just kills the look. Told this story many times, usually people walk away before I'm done. I think this readership may appreciate. Anyone in the Largo FL area we can do a 2 bike rally. Plan to cruise Steak and Lube in Pinellas Park soon.

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