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Subject:RE: RE: RE: Land speed record Date:Sun May 13 14:40:09 2018
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As of 3 years ago it was still at Wheels Through Time. Set up in a nice spot
too, you could get right up to it.

Itís a beaut!

And here's the original "go-really-fast" Hummer.

Ace Elliot built this machine in 1951 - from two 1951 Model 125s. Stock,
except for slight modifications to the frame, and the use of 1948-1950

Shown here at the Hummer Club tent at Davenport, probably 2000. Ace
allowed me to ride this beast around the swap meet. No land speed
records were set, but no pedestrians were harmed either.

The amazing thing was that he did this in 1951 - no exotic materials or
technologies, no reproduction parts, etc. And 50 years later, it was still
running strong.

Last I heard, it was in the Wheels Through Time museum.

the new land speed record was not set with a Hummer, but they did get a
pushrod 1350cc running on pump gas going over 200. Does your sparkler
even run? How fast have you gone on that trailer queen? Here's a pic of
an interesting "Hummer" build

Oh yeah, Iíll bet none of you are talking about the young guy who
just set a new land speed record on a harley hummer. I mean how would
any of you know? Itís not like anyone keeps the site up to date. Again, Iíve
always got a middle finger up in the air so you all have a place to sit.

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