Subject:RE: RE: RE: difficulty shifting at hi revs Date:Sun May 13 15:40:50 2018
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Waseon Ohio and Davenport Iowa ...

Both events offer hummer races...

Both events needs more hummer entries!


Thanks Alan. My experience isnít quite that dramatic. The vintage light
class is 350cc and under, so Iím just trying to not get lapped. I do place, but
only when folks break down. There is also a mad dog class with smaller
bikes, but theyíre modern, so again not much of a competitor.
I need to find a hummer class.

So in your experience is missing a gear at hi rev an issue too?


Its easy to over-rev, and miss 2nd, on the race track.

On the race track, your probably sporting leathers and a helmet. Its 100
degrees in the shade. You have a bunch of loud expansion chambers
screaming on both sides of you, in front and behind you.

Instead of oxygen, you are now inhaling a tasty concoction of 2 stroke
exhaust and dust.

The crowd is cheering, the flag drops, the light turns green, and everybody
takes off....

With all the commotion, it suddenly becomes difficult to hear/feel your own

My advice is to get into 3rd gear as soon as possible.

If you miss a gear, you'll get left behind.

65 Pacer
Last year was my first (modest) go at flat track.
Completely stock motor, no racing modifications.
I've always had a little difficulty shifting from 1st to 2nd at hi revs, but as a
leisure ride it never really was a factor. However, on the track it becomes
more of an issue, where the shifter won't engage 2nd gear. Sometimes i get
lucky and it engages, but more often than not i seem to get stuck between
neutral and 2nd. Once i back off the throttle and shift back to 1st then 2nd it
will engage but by then i've lost all momentum.

Is there any advice on what would cause this?
thanks in advance,

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