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Actually ROCKY its exactly the opposite, I really dont care if this site
puts up pictures of my shiny bike, its more that the retards running the
site have moved on and wont allow anyone else to update it. Before they
die perhaps they could give someone still alive the password to continue
the site and freaking update it. Thanks for being a clown ROCKY and say
hi to Bulwinkle for me.

Sooo let me get this right?????
The Site takes down all your pretty Pics, and you wine
like a little bitch.
And you claim to be the new class of caretakers?

Really??? I think Not.

Nothing to ADD, move ON.

More Bitch'n and still Nothing to ADD. Move ON.

Hey there Harley Hummer Club. I sent in pics and a little
film on my bike a
long time ago just to show the club what Iíve
accomplishef and some added
attention it might bring to the where did the
pics go, how about the
video? Oh yeah, no one actually maintains the site
anymore and the few
guys on here who saw my bike said I was a show off and a
stuck up little
whipper snapper. Lol So who do you think is going to pick
up the reins
when you all get too old or just donít move forward with
technology as you
can see as an example how well made and easy to use this
fine site is, well
maybe back in 1984. So please donít start having interest
in what Iíve done
now that what Iíve build is getting invited to Japan, put
in mags, finding its
way on some of the top websites and receiving offers
nearing 6 figures. Iím
holding up my middle finger for a lot of the pricks on
here so you all have a
place to sit.
right here

Where can we see pictures of the Super 10 award
winner? ?

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