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Subject:RE: RE: Land speed record Date:Wed May 16 07:56:01 2018
Response to:22691
Hey Mike you might want to actually check that as I just saw the
guys slip and award. Seems pretty legit to me. Thanks clown!

the new land speed record was not set with a Hummer, but they
did get a pushrod 1350cc running on pump gas going over 200.
Does your sparkler even run? How fast have you gone on that
trailer queen? Here's a pic of an interesting "Hummer" build

Oh yeah, Iíll bet none of you are talking about the young
guy who just set a new land speed record on a harley hummer. I
mean how would any of you know? Itís not like anyone keeps the
site up to date. Again, Iíve always got a middle finger up in the air
so you all have a place to sit.

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