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Thanks Guys! I REALLY appreciate all the feedback. Mutt I have installed those
points you talked about with the huge chunk of steel that gets in the way. I think
I'll take you up on the NOS points.

The bike has done this since the restore. Did a complete engine rebuild. I had run
into some of the issues discussed by Dave once I got it running. The gas cap was
not letting enough air by and was causing an air lock. I had the tank cleaned and
sealed, new petcock etc. Rebuilt carburetor, new gaskets etc.

I went through the whole process of setting the timing. 7/32" before TDC. Then
adjusted the magneto plate until the points made contact (used a timing buzzer).
For some reason there were no marks on the magneto plate indicating original

Based on what you guys have said I'm thinking it could be the points floating at
higher RPM. I think I'll replace the points set the gap and check results. Then I'll
try re-positioning the magneto plate and see what that does for me.

Mutt if you could get me your contact info I'll purchase those points. My email is

Thanks again!


If you need points, shy away from Chinese made repop
points from V-Twin and those airplane points that have a
huge chunk of steel for a wire terminal mounting point that
gets right in your way. Almost none of the parts
innerchange with the original item

I always have in stock, Gen-U-ine N.O.S. 29580-55 Harley
magneto points, made by Bendix in the good ol' U.S.A.

Contrary to popular belief, restoring motors, parts and
bikes are not my only offerings, but I also sell parts,
lots of parts.

I have a HUGE selection of NOS Gen-U-ine Harley-Davidson
made parts for sale; good used original parts, that I will
actually email you pictures of; any view of the part that
you would like to see & give you ACCURATE measurement(s)
if that's what you'd like & give you an honest answer to
any question you have, BEFORE you actually purchase them;
Buyers Remorse is held to zero as you will know EXACTLY
what you are buying before hand.

I also carry most all of the stuff that is repopped by the
major guys and also some stuff that I am the sole
manufacturer of. I try to keep my prices on repop parts
under current retail prices (and way cheaper than some
vendors) AND I personally go out of my way to ship your
parts THE CHEAPEST way possible. It's NOT a hassle, it's
what makes a good name.

Has the bike always done this since your restoration, or is
this a recent occurrence?

It's hard for the timing to get very far out unless you've
disassembled the magneto or rebuilt the lower end.

I think that the problem is more likely in the points or
carburation. If the points are too far open, as your
engine speed increases, they may "float", and never really
close. I'd remove them, and take a close look. If they're
pitted, you need to file them down. Set them at .018 (both

Years ago, I had a 1960 Super 10 that would not start
unless I gave the points a quick lick with a file. Then it
would start and run fine. The metal had crystalized or
some such thing. Check with Duane Taylor or and see if they have replacement points
for sale.

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