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Alan, glad ya chimed in with such a comment. It says
"destined to become" and "always a work in progress".
They go hand in hand. Made sure to put that in there, as I
had already figured someone would chime in with just such a
remark. No matter how fast my bike is, it's never fast
enough for me, hence "destined to become" & "work in

So tell me Al, since when is Bonneville the only place that
one can go and have a legimate speed check ??? I never said
I went to Bonneville. Shoot,I can get out on Interstate 20
on the flat road, take off and if there's a cop looking for
some revenue so he can keep his job, he will definitely
tell me how fast I was going.That cost far less than a trip
to Bonneville and I barely even have to leave the farm !!!!
I guess the State's speed guns aren't properly calibrated
tho, only Bonneville's guns are?

Davenport and Wauseon aren't the only tracks to race on in
the US. Us folks down here is Texas do outlaw racing, ya
ain't got to have no "legal" AMA track. Anywhere is fine
with us. We race for fun.

And we ain't got no stinkin' rules on what ya do to yer
motors either. Funny how only the Hummer class has weird
restrictions on what you can and can't do to your motor.
Who was it that initially came up with these "hummer rules"

Last time I was at Davenport, for instance; Check out the Hand shift class rules: no brakes and must have a hand
shifter. Turbos, nitrous, custom heads and barrels, the
sky's the limit.

I had asked this before building my lil' motor here.

The theory was: most people that race Hummers can't do the
hi-po mods themselves or can't / won't afford to pay
someone else to do the work for them. Racing has to be fair
in the Hummer class only. Hence, these strange
restrictions. I shouldn't have listened to you and the
rules when deciding to go with a hand cast cylinder. I
could have easily incorporated a reed plate boss, for the
same price; but no, Davenport had rules.So I decided to go
against the reed plate. I ought to kick myself in the butt,
matter of fact, I already have once or twice.

You have to run a "stock cylinder", but you can do any
thing ya want to it??? Strange rule, but sounds fair
enough. So tell me Al, after ya modify the cylinder, it
wouldn't be a stock cylinder any more,correct? So what's
the difference if I run a highly modified "stock" cylinder vs. a hand cast for my motor only cylinder?

What is the official explanation for having to run a stock
appearing cylinder? So your race bike will look just like
everybody else's bike? I guess all participants will be
getting trophies next? If ya come in second, you're still a
LOSER, there is only one winner, the cat that comes in
FIRST PLACE. I've lost many races and won a few to.Even
flat tracked with a buddy that was on his 45. I won, many
spectators there. In Texas no less.

I'm certain that hundreds of those hot rod motors you built
completely by yourself have won many races and never broke
down? Perhaps you should get a job with GM and teach those
engineers a thing or 2 huh?

I have many friends that race old Harleys of all vintages
and break down, my buddy from San Fran raced his WR the
same year just a hour later and seized up a front
rod/piston and crashed in turn 2. Does that mean his bike
wasn't fast?

If I remember right, I believe he pulled out another one of
his WR's and won the feature race that year.


Bonneville Salt Flat records for the last 20 years do not
indicate that bike as ever breaking any record...

According to Davenport and Wauseon race records, that bike
has made just 1 appearance and broke down. Finished in last
place. Engine failure.

How did this bike earn the description as destined to

Hello everyone. I came across a 'lost file' regarding a
project Mutt submitted to me in 2006. I've put the page
together and it can now be viewed at:
fast/index.html or look for it on the Members Page under
It only took me 12 years to get it done! I sincerely
apologize to Mutt for the oversight. My apology extends to
Michael Crowder, Eddie B., Mike Lewis, Ton Van Beek,
'Nick', Tanno Van Ende, and 'Carl' who contributed to
Mutt's project.

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