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When I see "worlds fastest hummer", I think of Tom VanBeek.

Tom is a long-time club member here who rebuilds engines.

Last year alone (2017), Tom accomplished several interesting feats...

1. Tom built a 125 engine last year that shattered the existing Bonneville Harley 125 land speed records!

2. Tom built a 165 engine that broke the 2017 Bonneville Harley 165 land speed records!

3. The Davenport 2017 flat track race was won using a VanBeek race engine!

Above are just 3 examples that are far more deserving of the "worlds fastest hummer" description!

Hello everyone. I came across a 'lost file' regarding a project Mutt submitted to me in 2006. I've put the page together and it can now be viewed at: or look for it on the Members Page under 'Stories'.
It only took me 12 years to get it done! I sincerely apologize to Mutt for the oversight. My apology extends to Michael Crowder, Eddie B., Mike Lewis, Ton Van Beek, 'Nick', Tanno Van Ende, and 'Carl' who contributed to Mutt's project.

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